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Welcome to HLS Solutions' Winter Newsletter



We are pleased to be able to provide you with our latest newsletter packed with useful information and articles from industry professionals.  We hope that you will enjoy this issue and find the articles interesting and informative.


Well it has been a bit of a strange year for the UK holiday letting industry...


We started with hosepipe bans and drought warnings, followed by the wettest summer on record.  A lot of regions have been hit by the recent flooding and now they are predicting the coldest winter for years!  Certainly not the easiest season to deal with holiday letting in the UK!


However in spite of all of this the majority of our customers have reported that they have experieced a very successful year, and I am delighted to report that many are continuing to expand and build even further.  That is great news for us, and I am confident that our software and services are helping our customers to achieve their goals.


In this newsletter we bring you further information on our software developments, our expanding web and design aspect of our business, along with a couple of features from third party companies we think you will find interesting.


Thank you for your support in 2012 and we wish everyone a very happy and successful 2013!




Printed holiday brochures - the end of an era?


Creating a physical printed brochure of all available holiday properties has always been a huge administrative task and extremely expensive.


Whilst there is always going to be a requirement for a printed brochure to sit on your customer's coffee table as a permanent advertising reminder, we also need to look at how technology may be able to help with this.


At HLS we have been keen to investigate some solutions, which we feel can bridge the gap between your website and a printed brochure.  As part of this we are delighted to be able to announce that we have linked up with a company who can convert pdf documents into digital form.  


You can now give customers to ability to view your full brochure instantly, turning pages, and viewing all your brochure content, without having to wait for days for it to arrive in the post!


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Marketing and Design plans for 2013!


As we approach the end of an eventful year, we need to turn our plans to the new season that is just about upon us.


How do you feel about your brochure?  How are your marketing adverts looking?  Does your website need a refresh?  How is your logo looking compared to the brand new shiny one your competitor is using...?


The holiday letting industry is extremely competitive and we always have to keep moving forward to maintain market position.


At HLS we have some great designers who can help with all aspects of your busines design needs, at extremely competitive prices.


To arrange a FREE, no obligation chat, drop us an email or take a look at what we can offer:



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Latest software release news


As usual we have been very busy adding even more features and functionality into the software.


The biggest development has been the integration of HLS Holiday Manager with Apache Open Office.


Apache OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing.  Apache OpenOffice is the result of over twenty years' software engineering and does everything you want your office software to do, the way you want it to.


With a full word processing package in the software, plus a number of other enhancements and functionality, there is even more reason to organise for your demonstration today.


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New Holiday letting advertising features for Cornwall!


With such extensive press for long term property management and sales of properties, it has always been surprising there has been such little similar coverage for holiday lettings.  However, perhaps this is about to change...


The Cornwall property paper has recently completed a limited three edition run featuring the Cornish holiday letting sector, which has proved so popular they are planning a further longer term run early in 2013.


We are delighted to feature them, and hope this will prove to become a more regular feature for Cornwall and other regions.


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Featured customer


One of our latest customers that we have taken on is Toast lettings, based in Durham.  As a new start up business they were keen to start their business in the best possible way.  They have therefore taken on our Holiday Manager software and also asked us to provide them with a full website package linked and updated live from the software.


We'll release details of their new website as it is released, however in the meantime you can find out a bit more about them below...



Toast lettings is a new holiday and short-term letting agent that was set up to help support property owners in offering high-end, short-term accommodation in the North East of England.


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HLS Solutions are a technology company specialising in holiday lettings.


At the core of our business is our Holiday manager software package, which helps agents as well as private individuals to manage their day to day business more effectively with amazing, easy to use features such as bookings, property maintenance, daily diaries, reporting, client accounts, word processing and much much more.


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