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We are pleased to be able to provide you with our latest newsletter packed with useful information and articles from industry professionals.  We hope that you will enjoy this issue and find the articles interesting and informative.


Industry update ......


Last month the tax man lost a key case that allows holiday let owners to claim business property relief against inheritance tax. Previously HM Revenue & Customs has argued  that holiday lets are an investment, not a business, and as such are not allowed to claim the relief unless the owner was ‘substantially’ involved with holidaymakers.  In the recent case however, the tribunal threw out the HMRC argument that a holiday let is an investment property.  This is also good news for holiday lets on farms that previously fell outside other agricultural tax breaks as they too can now apply for relief.


HLS Solutions update ......


For HLS Solutions, the start of 2012 has been extremely busy with several new customers now up and running and lots of positive comments! We have been working hard, in conjunction with our existing customers, to bring about the release of the latest version of the software which has taken huge steps forward over the last few months.  Another important area we have been working on is the design and content of our new sales brochure which will soon be available to download from the website.  


We are also very pleased to announce that we have just agreed a link up with Reality Finance, one of the top technology funders in the UK.  This is great news, as it now enables us to offer Leasing on our software and services.  Full details of this will be in our next edition, but if you have been putting off that new software purchase or brand new website, speak to us and see what we can offer...!




Marketing your holiday property



The aim of the game for most holiday properties is to achieve as high an occupancy rate as possible, ensuring that your business delivers a profitable return.  And so the competition to attract visitors to your accommodation begins!


For many, the accommodation itself is the most important factor – be it the convenience of its location for accessing different areas of the county, how many it sleeps, whether it’s dog friendly, where it ranks on the luxury scale, or the cost… to name just a few considerations.


The key to marketing that will produce a return on investment is targeting your audience.  Very few products or services will be desirable to everyone all of the time.  So ask yourself a few questions and then build your marketing strategy accordingly.


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Spring Checklist - Preparing your properties for the new season


For many holiday let owners and agents spring is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the year ahead, before the influx of guests arrive.  Although many aspects of letting a holiday property can be predictable there is always the unexpected that can challenge owners and managers.


With this in mind there are some important steps which can be taken in order to prepare for these challenges.


Winters are especially harsh for UK holiday homes, with many areas experiencing freezing temperatures, snow, flooding and storms. 


Spring is the perfect opportunity to carry out some essential property maintenance and inspected your property for damage.


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Latest software release news


With our continual development schedule, we are focusing on the addition of further new and exciting features to the Holiday Manager software program.
The latest version, released in February, included some exciting new developments in the Price Bands section of the software making it much quicker and easier to setup your system.  This version also featured brand new functionality for 'Inclusive Extras' .
Next on the agenda
As always, we are continuing to work on the next version and will be concentrating on several important areas of the program such as credit card surcharge options when booking holidays, increased word processing functionality and further development to the management section.
To see how our software could instantly boost profits and dramatically cut costs for your business click below to arrange your demonstration.  


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Tax refunds for owners of furnished holiday lets: A missed opportunity?


Tax reliefs on fixtures of Furnished Holiday Lets are still today extensively overlooked by advisers. CCH, a leading provider of taxation publications, estimates that more than half of property owners have not been advised yet of these claims.


The good news is that at the moment late claims can still be put forward even years after the property was bought.


On average the value of a property’s fixtures may vary between 15% and 35% of the purchase price. This is why claims put forward for properties’ fixtures will often result in substantial tax refunds.


The article describes in more detail the opportunity that the current ‘Fixtures regime’ offers, the approach that HMR&C has taken to date and touches on the proposed changes that the new Finance Act 2012 will introduce.


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Featured customer


Following on from our featured customer in the last edition, Cadgwith Cove Cottages, are now looking forward to some great new publicity in the form of a new television series that was filmed right on their doorstep!

Coming hot on the heels of the ITV feature on Cornwall with Caroline Quentin, BBC2 have just started a new 6 part series focusing on the UK fishing industry with Monty Halls.  Monty spent over 6 months living in Cadgwith Cove last year during the filming of the series and hopefully this will again showcase some of the spectacular scenery and locations the Cornwall region has to offer.

Cadgwith Cove Cottages, and the other tourism businesses in the area, are certain to benefit from this great publicity and we will certainly be watching closely to see if we recognise anybody who is featured in the series.

The Fisherman's Apprentice can be seen on BBC2 on Wednesday evenings.






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